Animal Logic goes interactive in LA

Australian founded animation and visual effects studio, Animal Logic, today announced its expansion into the game and interactive entertainment business with the formation of Animal Logic Interactive (ALI), to be headquartered in Los Angeles.

Giancarlo Mori will oversee the new business division of Animal Logic, which will focus on original game and interactive entertainment design and development for traditional and emerging platforms and media.

With over 20 years experience in software development and 12 years in senior roles in the games industry, Mori is a logical choice to lead Animal Logic’s foray into the medium. The game industry veteran most recently served as VP of Production, North America Studios, for Activision where he oversaw numerous key releases including Tony Hawk, Gun, Shrek and other DWA Animation titles.

Whilst ALI is based in LA, Mori anticipates a very organic exchange of creative development between the Australian and US company operations, harnessing the talent, technology and ideas which will flow from both campuses.

 “With Animal Logic’s commitment to innovation, and the potential for creative and business synergies between its original properties, this is a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of interactive entertainment. Today, games are evolving in directions that allow for very new experiences, appealing to expanding audiences. Being passionate and open to the evolution of popular culture and of the craft of game-making is key to creating new compelling titles and franchises.” Giancarlo Mori said.

Animal Logic’s CEO, Zareh Nalbandian said “As production values for games increase exponentially, so do the opportunities at the convergence of high end digital film making and game creation. ALI is uniquely poised to lead this convergence with its commitment to visual innovation, quality, talent and great ideas.”

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