Azure Productions to work on Vinyl

Jul 14, 2008

Following their successful short A Quiet Spot, Sydney filmmakers Ashley Fairfield & Annmaree Bell are in pre-production for the AFC funded short film Vinyl, a film that explores the difficulty of assimilation for a young Sudanese refugee and the role his affinity to music plays in his life.

“It’s an exploration of the complex issues a young refugee faces within a new society, the struggle between the balance of family, heritage and self. The central character, an eighteen year old young Sudanese boy, is trying to make sense of his new home; the trauma of leaving his war-torn country and his need to belong”, says Fairfield.

The first film from the directing/producing team, A Quiet Spot continues to screen both locally and internationally. Recently winning Best Film at the boutique Boo Hoo Film Festival in Newtown and currently screening in the International Festival of Cinema and Technology in Seattle USA.

“A Quiet Spot was a story that I found really intriguing when Mark Hennessy showed me his script. We often see professional sports people competing but very rarely glimpse any of the events that have shaped them as people and athletes. This story looks at one traumatic event in the life of a high diver and how it has shaped her drive to compete at the highest level,” said Fairfield.

[Release by Azure Productions]