Eddie Murphy and Britt Robertson in Henry Joseph Church.

Bruce Beresford is putting the finishing touches to his US indie drama starring Eddie Murphy, Britt Robertson,  Lucy Fry and Xavier Samuel.

The working title was Cook but it’s been retitled Henry Joseph Church, the name of Murphy’s character, an artistic chef who is hired to provide meals to the family of a dying man.

The screenplay by Susan McMartin (Two And A Half Men, Californication) is based on her experiences with the chef that came to live with her and her mother when she was a child.

The narrative unfolds over 15 years as Henry becomes a surrogate father.

Robertson, who was a regular in TV’s Under the Dome before scoring the female lead opposite George Clooney in Disney’s upcoming mystery-adventure Tomorrowland, plays the deceased daughter’s Charlotte.

Aussie Fry, who co-starred with Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell in Greg Mclean’s LA-shot psychological thriller 6 Miranda Drive, is Charlotte’s friend Poppy.

“Eddie is a very good actor and very pleasant to work with,” Beresford told IF after shooting a pick-up scene with Robertson in Boston.

The cast also includes Natascha McElhone as Charlotte’s mother, Samuel as Owen, a school friend who becomes a doctor, and and Christian Madsen.

The producers are Courtney Solomon, Mark Canton, Lee Nelson and David Buelow. They will look to sign US and international distribution deals after the film is ready to screen for buyers.

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