Blackmagic Design announces new light source for Cintel Scanner

Port Melbourne’s Blackmagic Design has used the 2022 NAB show in Las Vegas to announce a new high intensity light source for Cintel film scanners which allows for faster film scanning.

The new light source technology is six times more powerful than those used on the previous generation of Cintel film scanners, and allows for much faster HDR scanning – up from 10 frames per second to 30 frame per second. The light source consists of a square array of 576 high power LEDs arranged into a grid pattern, and then focused onto the film using a new light cylinder. This new design provides more than twice the silicon area for generating light and the result is much more light being directed at the film. 

There is also a new film inspection mode which lets customers check the condition of the film for dust or scratches.

“We are excited to discuss this new technology with film customers at the NAB 2022 show,” said Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design CEO. “We plan on using this technology on a new model of Cintel film scanner and we are excited get customer feedback before committing to the new model’s release.”