Canon launches RF-S 3.9mm f/3.5 STM Dual Fisheye lens

The Canon RF-S 3.9mm f/3.5 STM Dual Fisheye lens

Canon Australia has added a new APS-C virtual reality (VR) lens to its EOS R System range.

The RF-S 3.9mm f/3.5 STM Dual Fisheye lens offers left and right perspectives in a dual fisheye optical design to assist with 3D VR footage.

The 144-degree recording angle provides a narrower field of view than VR180 shooting which, alongside the large depth of field, makes it easy for users to set up and keep attention on their subject without worrying about supporting equipment, such as lighting or tripods, making it into the shot.

The focus ring, which can be assigned to another function, such as aperture or ISO for practical shooting solutions, helps users stay fully immersed in the action.  The RF-S 3.9mm f/3.5 STM Dual Fisheye is Canon’s first 3D lens with Autofocus (AF) and the first non-L Series lens to feature premium quality Air Sphere Coating, which prevents aberrations, such as flare and ghosting.

It also utilises two Ultra Low Dispersion (UD) elements per lens, helping to produce sharp images.

The f/3.5 aperture delivers high-quality footage shooting in multiple indoor and outdoor locations, while there is also a rear-mounted filter holder for both screw-on and gelatin filters. 

When viewed through a compatible headset, simulations also benefit from the lens’ 60mm interpupillary distance, which closely resembles human vision – providing a realistic 3D effect for subjects. 

From launch, the lens is currently only compatible with the EOS R7 camera and provides an efficient workflow for VR content creators.

Canon Inc. has also revealed it is working on developing the RF-S 7.8mm F4 STM Dual lens for capturing 3D visuals as part of the EOS VR System lineup, with a release planned within the next 12 months.