Chris Haywood pays tribute to Wendy Hughes

Actor Chris Haywood today issued a statement on the passing of his former wife Wendy Hughes.

Wendy was "furious" life was coming to an end too quickly. She had so much more to do.
Two weeks before her death she was planning a trip to Paris.
She died peacefully a little after 4 am on Saturday morning.
Charlotte and Jay, her two children, were with her as were her sister Jan and her brother Tony and myself.
She was at home as she wished, overlooking the ocean. After her gallant battle with cancer she finally came to rest to the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks a short distance from her window. She leaves behind her three treasured grandchildren, Isobelle, Oberon and Lennox.
The Hughes, Haywood and Juillet families would sincerely like to thank the palliative care service of the Illawarra district and Dr. Annette Beaufils for their caring support.

An announcement will be made regarding gatherings in Sydney and Melbourne to celebrate Wendy's life.
She, already, is having a glass with Johnny Hargreaves………

Chris Haywood

  1. A great talent gone far too early!

    I am a fan from the UK and have been a huge admirer of Wendy’s for over two decades.

    My sincere condolences.

  2. Isobelle, Oberon and Lennox.Charlotte and Jay,There is so much LOVE around you.. Dear Wendy ,so much joy you have brought to this world and to myself. Love you and always will , Your spirit is unique.I will love you and miss you dearly ..Fare well great soul xxx hope your having that drink with Johnny.

    1. I have watch Man from Snowy river and have instantly fell in love with your character Kathleen O’Neil.
      We all miss you Wendy. I wish to have been able to meet you.

  3. Chris thanks for this ,sad news though it is. Wendy Hughes was a great actress: charm , intelligence and grace were with her every move and modest for all her considerable talent and witty with it. A great star in our midst. Our sincere condolences to you Chris and all her family.Keep us posted. Love Juno & Bob

  4. I was lucky to work with Wendy on three films. The most memorable, Careful He Might Hear You, where she played the part of Vanessa, whose character couldn’t be further from Wendy’s own personality. But she understood people and she could play any role she put her mind to. Even cold-hearted Vanessa. She brought her to life. Made her human. Made us understand.

    She had great discipline. She studied dancing before acting. When she played a role, every cell in her body was telling us the story. She was full of energy, enthusiastic about life, a giving, fun person to be with, at work or after over a glass. She made every second count. Often on the film set, she’d be calmly reading a book, while the crew busied around her getting ready to shoot; but as the clapper-board went up, she’d put down her book and give a great performance. Every time. For her it seemed so easy, so natural.

    Love her forever.

  5. Wendy played State Coroner in the TV series and one of the stories portrayed was my mother June Long’s death. She discussed every aspect to get it right and years later I bumped into her at La Passion du Fruit and she was so gracious as we chatted about it over coffee. Bless you Wendy Hughes – a class act – RIP.

  6. Wendy Hughes was a most talented actress, who lit up the screen whenever she appeared. In particular, in playing Kate Ferrari in the TEN series State Coroner, she brought intelligence, authority, insight, warmth, gentleness and above all conviction to a character that required all of those qualities and more. Wendy did not disappoint. Always the professional, she helped elevate what could have been yet another ‘procedural’ to TEN’s top drama of the time. Both Wendy and her wonderful talent will be greatly missed, even if her place in Australia’s screen history is deservedly assured.

    Michael Harvey and David Taft, on behalf of Harvey Taft Productions and Crawfords Australia.

  7. What a terrible tragedy, Wendy you will be sadly missed!
    I am sitting here currently watching The Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries which I love. I am your age and makes 1 think, we never know when our time is up!
    I’m sure you will meet up with many Aussie actors who have gone before you

  8. My Deepest Condolences to Wendy’s family. I am probably her biggest fan in the USA. I only learned of her death tonight when I Googled her to see if she was staring in anything new. How sad I am to hear this tragic news. My favorite movie of hers was definitely “Careful, He Might Hear You” May you rest in peace, Wendy.

  9. I got to know Wendy in the early 90s as a small cog in the William Morris Agency wheel in Los Angeles and have fondly vivid memories of ballet coupeing with her across the living room of the house she shared with Patric. I will forever treasure having known the brilliantly witty, passionate, genuine, occasionally smart-mouthed, beautiful and boldly talented woman neither the William Morris Agency nor American audiences gave proper credit to as an extraordinarily unique talent in the pantheon of great actresses. Rest in peace, “Wendonian.”

  10. Wendy Hughes, only saw her once on Star Trek: TNG Season 6 episode 18 “Lessons”.

    When I 1st saw her, I liked her to Patricia O’Neal (see “In Harms Way”). Her voice and her look were close. And acting with Patrick Stewart, if the ending had been less dramatic, she could have stayed for several episodes.

    She touched my heart as an actress, I had no idea she passed. I will always regard her as one of my favorite actors.
    I will be looking for her other performances to.

    Wendy RIP.
    A Fan… Bob.

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