Director Dean Francis is set to return to the big screen with new feature film Drown.

The story, based on a play by Stephen Davis, follows three lifesavers on a big night out when jealousy, homophobic fears and unrequited lust culminate in a tragic booze-fueled episode of bullying.

"It's a really important story to tell because it deals with homophobia and bullying and as a filmmaker it's a return to the more confrontational style of filmmaking I was known for in film school," Francis said.

Francis made his feature film debut with stylish teen-horror Road Train (retitled Road Kill for the US release) in 2010. He has also directed over a dozen short films that have had more than a hundred film festival screenings while his 2006 short film Vermin was nominated for an Australian Directors Guild Award. Another of his short films, Boys Grammar, has previously touched on the themes that will be explored in Drown.

The film will be shot using underground techniques on an ultra-low budget (under $1 million), which will be partially raised through a crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign later this year. Francis, who is also a cinematographer, said he may shoot the film.

More details about Drown can be found at the Drown official webpage or Drown Facebook page. A teaser trailer can be viewed below.

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  1. Ultra-low budget (under $1 million)? What defines ultra low budget? I thought that would be a couple of thousand dollars. Under $1 million is pretty generous!

  2. I hope this movie is better than Francis’ last abomination: Road Train…they don’t get mush worse!!

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