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A brand new style of kids’ show is set to hit our screens thanks to Kids360° – a fabulous initiative of Film Victoria, the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF) and ABC Children’s Television. Kids360° is calling for Victorian Producers to create a pilot for a live-action, non-drama program that will excite, entertain and inspire kids across Australia.

The initiative is looking for bold, interactive, screen entertainment ideas. Producers are encouraged to create concepts in innovative formats that will engage the audience in ways similar to programs that are created for adults in prime time, but that aren’t currently being produced in Australia for a young audience.

The initiative seeks a mix of interactive entertainment, studio audience participation, comedy, skits, music, games and challenges. Think Spicks and Specks, Thank God You’re Here and Rove for 10-14 year olds.

Sandra Sdraulig, CEO of Film Victoria says, “Kids that are 10 – 14 years old are already avid users of interactive technology, be that games, music, or online content. They want portable content quickly that they can interact with and share with their friends. We want to see ideas that reflect this and that will provide Australian children with exciting ways to engage and interact with content across different platforms. Our message to Victorian Producers is to be bold and think outside the square – the sky is the limit.”

The Melbourne-produced program could be shot in a studio, on location or alternately be a mix of live and pre-recorded segments. Victorian Producers are encouraged to look at how they could use locations like Federation Square, Luna Park, State Library or Docklands to achieve an event style program. However it is achieved, the content needs to get kids engaged and talking.

“It has to be something that Australian children want to watch, want to be a part of and have a sense of ownership of,” says Bernadette O’Mahony, Head of Development and Production at the ACTF.

Film Victoria, the ACTF and ABC Children’s TV are committed to bringing new styles of programming to the child audience and finding innovative ways of representing more Australian children on screen.

For more detailed information about what should be considered in the program proposal and how to apply, please visit the funding section of the ACTF website at www.actf.com.au

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