‘Here Be Dragons’ (Trailer)

Writer-director Alastair Newton Brown’s debut feature Here Be Dragons will premiere on October 18 at Sydney’s Cremorne Orpheum in a Q&A event hosted by journalist Tony Jones.

Here Be Dragons begins with the conclusion of The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, as David Locke (Nathan Clark Sapsford), a former British soldier turned UN war crimes investigator, faces the prospect of an early retirement. But David is approached by a ghost from his past: a victim of the Yugoslav wars named Emir Ibrahimovic (Svetislav “Bule” Goncic). Emir believes he’s located the notorious and previously presumed dead paramilitary commander Ivan Novak (Slobodan Beštic), living in plain sight in Belgrade, Serbia.

Despite the disapproval of his superiors, David goes to Belgrade on a solo mission funded by Emir, in order to hunt, capture, and bring to justice the man who has caused so much pain in the world. As David ingratiates himself with Novak’s estranged wife and son, he starts to question the morality of his mission and the intentions of his sponsor.

The procedural drama was shot in Serbia and post-produced in Australia.

Producers include Newton Brown, Sapsford, and Marc Windon, with executive producers Milos Djukelic, Jack Sheehan and Michael Thomas Slifkin.

Screen Inc is the local distributor.