‘Irreverent’ (Trailer)

Colin Donnell in 'Irreverent'.

Created by Paddy Macrae, Matchbox Pictures/NBCUniversal International Studios’ Irreverent follows criminal mediator Paulo Keegan (Colin Donnell) as he flees the United States after a mediation gone wrong and assumes the identity of Reverend Mackenzie “Mack” Boyd in Clump, a small, Australian beach town hundreds of miles away from civilisation and phone reception.

While there, he encounters Piper (Kylie Bracknell), a gifted cop who has returned to her hometown after a successful start to her career in the city and begins to suspect he isn’t who he says he is. Briallen Clarke plays Piper’s childhood friend and local engineer, Amy, while Jason Wilder plays the policewoman’s boyfriend Aidan, and Calen Tassone her brother, Harry.

Tegan Stimson and Ed Oxenbould take on the roles of teenage best friends Daisy and Cameron, the former of which becomes a key confidant of Mack and an unlikely partner in crime.

Russell Dykstra features as Lester, proprietor of the local bar and soulmate of Amy’s father Victor, and Wayne Blair rounds out the cast as Peter, a local dentist who is devoutly religious and has been campaigning for a new Reverend for years.

The 10-part series was written by Macrae alongside Andrew Anastasios, Angela McDonald, Darlene Johnson, Dan Knight, and Andrew Knight, who also executive produces with Debbie Lee and Alastair McKinnon.

Jonathan Teplitzky and Lucy Gaffy directed the episodes, with Tom Hoffie producing.

The series, which was filmed in Queensland with the support of the Federal Government’s Location Incentive Program and the state’s production attraction strategy, will premiere on Netflix on December 4.