Lesnie to be film’s piece de Resistance

It was announced by Canberra based Andrew Dillon, executive producer of That’s-A-Wrap Productions, that the company has signed award-winning Australian cinematographer Andrew Lesnie to be Director of Photography for its upcoming science fiction action-adventure project, Resistance.

Resistance is the story of a covert attempt by aliens from outer space to take over the Earth and a guerrilla-style battle to stop them when most of the world won’t believe the threat exists. Its focus is on a band of super-smart teenagers at the centre of the conflict: who help save the world while dealing with school, hormones and dating.

Andrew Lesnie is a master cinematographer with a broad range of experience in television and motion pictures, his recent work includes all three of the Lord of the Rings movies (for which he won an Oscar) as well as King Kong and I Am Legend.

“I pride myself on bringing to every production a wealth of passion, enthusiasm and desire for great filmmaking” said Lesnie. “I become inspired by my collaborators and great projects. And Resistance is a project that truly excites me. It should be a lot of fun.”

Full production on the feature length Resistance project is planned for late 2008, with some preliminary scenes being shot in Canberra in upcoming months.

[Release by ScreenACT]

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