After only three weeks on the air, Channel Nine has axed Ben Elton’s new show: Live From Planet Earth.

Originally commissioned for six episodes, the variety show's debut had an average national audience of 455,000 viewers in the mainland capitals, however this fell to just 384,000 in its second week. Early figures reveal Tuesday night's show had an average of about 200,000.

Nine’s director of television Michael Healy said comedy was always risky, admitting live comedy was the riskiest of all.

“We are pleased to have taken the chance to support the local industry,” Healy said in a statement.

Furthermore, a Nine spokesman said in a statement the network was proud of the show – produced by FremantleMedia Australia – but it was unfortunate it didn’t find the audience they had hoped for.

The London-born, Perth-based comedian is best known for his work on The Young Ones and Blackadder.

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  1. I watched the third episode of the series and found the formula clunky and the main sketch was laboured and reminded me of comedy from the 1960’s. The performers were all good just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  2. What a relief! tried to stick with the show but it was bad………Nine should look to shows such as Good News Week etc. that is how humour is done.

  3. A truly awful show , which I found to be totally unfunny.
    Everybody just trying too hard to get a cheap laugh .
    Take a look at Lee mack in NOT GOING OUT . In 60 seconds more laughs than in a whole season of that other tripe TWO AND HALF MEN.

  4. I was in awe of Ben Elton, with so many credits to his name, Blackadder being only one; and I believe he is a very intelligent comedian – but what happened?
    I think the worst part was the seemingly forced, loud laughter in response to unfunny material.
    We Australians prefer natural to artificial. When I heard that laughter, it really turned me off the show.

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