Noffs Introduces ‘Cinema of the Street’


Leading youth services organisation, the Ted Noffs Foundation has launched a pioneering new digital arts project, Cinema of the Street, which will see teenagers write and then create a short film about their journey through life and how they have coped with various challenges and traumas.

The collection of short films aims to build awareness for the many young people across Australia confronting drug and alcohol problems, particularly during the Christmas season, and to highlight some of the support programs available to them through Noffs.

Since 2011, Noffs has experienced a 35% increase in admissions to its residential drug and alcohol treatment program. The use of cannabis and amphetamines such as “ice” were responsible for the majority of admissions while alcohol related problems remained a significant concern.

The first three films in the series have been created by young people who have either been through the Noffs drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, PALM, or participate in Street University – a free education and recreational centre.

Street Uni is a community space which gives disadvantaged young people from diverse cultural backgrounds access to skills training, avenues for creative output and vocational and educational programs. It provides opportunities for young people to make positive changes in their lives and to re-engage with their community. Taking place at Noffs facilities in Sydney and Canberra, Street Uni engages and motivates young people though film, dance and music, helps young people connect with peers and creates a safe place for social interaction.

Ted Noffs Street Uni co-founder, Matt Noffs said: “So much of the conversation around youth – particularly young people with drug and alcohol issues – is dominated by adults. We wanted to put the camera and the microphone in the hands of the young people themselves to let them share their perspective and tell us what’s helped them overcome the darkest period of their lives.”

“We hope by letting these young people tell their stories and share the results of this work, we will help other youth understand the support that is available to them and in turn, ultimately help save other lives – especially during Christmas time. The holiday season has long been accepted as a particularly traumatic time for many and we want youth to know there is a safe place for them to go to.”

Noffs delivers a number of outreach initiatives and programs across the country that provides support to disadvantaged youth. Their programs forge new ways of reaching out to and working with young people and their families.

Cinema of the Street is part of the Ted Noffs Foundation’s Christmas appeal. All donations go towards additional support programs for young people. Cinema of the Street will run from now until the New Year and will see the films promoted across Google’s YouTube network as part of a targeted campaign. Noffs is also a recipient of the Google Ad Grants – the non-profit edition of AdWords.

For more information on Noffs support programs or to donate to the Christmas campaign please visit