The winner of last year’s OptusONE80Project, The Sellers, will have its premiere on the MTV Channel next week.

The hour-long drama is based on a 180-second pilot made for the competition, which follows two brothers who offer a unique service – they can restart your life by terminating your job, disposing of all your personal possessions, and removing you from the people that you know.

The show was written by Andrew Ryan and Will Howarth, who also play the lead roles. Goalpost Pictures Australia’s Belinda Mravivic produced the show, which was directed by Maia Horniak.

“We set out to create a show with high production values despite a limited budget and, fortunately, our very gifted young director Maia Horniak was able to bring with her a dedicated and talented crew,” Mravicic said in a statement.

The Sellers was shot in Sydney over nine days using a RED camera (fitted with a Lomo anamorphic lens) on a budget of just $180,000.

Optus has also made the show available to its customers in eight-minute chapters via mobile and on-line at Optus Zoo.

The Sellers will premieres at 11:30pm on Friday, March 18 on MTV Channel 124. A free OptusONE80Project festival will be held in Sydney’s Surry Hills will be held on Sunday, March 20, at 5.30pm.

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