Pomeranz gears up for chat with “intimidating” Oliver Stone at Vivid Sydney

Margaret Pomeranz.

Oliver Stone is coming to Australia.

The director will appear at Vivid Sydney with Margaret Pomeranz to talk about his career behind the camera on films such as Platoon, Wall Street, JFK, Born on the Fourth of July and Any Given Sunday.

Pomeranz tells IF she’s “doing a hell of a lot of research” in preparation for the chat.

“He’s such an interesting filmmaker,” she says. “Politics is embedded in his films and I think he does reflect the zeitgeist of his times like no-one else.”

“I’m interested in the fact that so many of his characters are real-life characters, and in the fact he was brought up in a very conservative, privileged environment and has over the years become enormously critical of the United States, especially its foreign policy. With a focus on what America has does in Central and South America.”

Pomeranz, who recalls seeing Platoon in the cinema and “walking out into the street completely dazed,” says the prospect of interviewing the Oscar winner is “intimidating”.

“I’ve never interviewed him before. He has a formidable presence and he is bright, so who wouldn’t be scared. Well I’m not scared; I’m energized and apprehensive. I don’t think he suffers fools gladly.”

The Vivid Ideas Game-Changer talk with Stone will be held on May 28 at City Recital Hall. Stone will also be appearing at Semi Permanent at Carriageworks on May 26.