PR: ASIO doco wants secret sound recordists


Calling all spies in the film industry. Smart St. Films is pleased to announce production of a fully financed, four part TV documentary series.

“PERSONS OF INTEREST” reveals the previously secret ASIO files of four Australians. In each episode the Person Of Interest will show us through their own file, introduce us to the people and events within it and tell us how it affected their lives.

From the raw intelligence in an individual’s file to reports from the Director General of ASIO to the Prime Minister; PERSONS OF INTEREST” is the story of ASIO and a parallel history of Australia.

At the height of the cold war ASIO had 250 agents assigned to the Communist Party of Australia. The party had more the 1500 branches – from Bendigo to wealthy Double Bay. Part of that work was the recording of phone conversations, shooting of still photographs and 16mm surveillance footage.

As part of our research, Smart St. would like to talk to anyone who shot film – stills/ movie or recorded sound for ASIO. We want to hear your story in complete confidence.

The series will be directed by Haydn Keenan and produced by Frank Haines and Gai Steele. The project begins shooting in June and will be screened on SBS television.