SBS to launch new comedy series, Housos, at MIPCOM 2011

Press release from SBS Australia

SBS Content Sales will launch its newest side-splitting comedy series, Housos – a parody of life in Australian housing commission estates – at MIPCOM this year.

Housos (9 x 30 mins), follows the adventures of the residents in the Sunnyvale Housing Commission estate. They battle cops and scam welfare, they even have the occasional threesome and swingers party, but once you’re down with the crew in the hood it's "Sunnyvale for life".

From the creator of ‘Fat Pizza’ and ‘Swift and Shift Couriers’, Paul Fenech, the assassin of political correctness, Housos does to bogans what Kath and Kim did to lower, middle class Australia. It’s a fashion statement from Australia’s dodgiest suburbs; thongs, hoodies and Ugg boots will transport you to a world where self-medicating, poorly educated stooges are not only the norm, they’re a fact of life.

SBS’s Acting Content Sales Manager, Carolyn Johnston said, “Paul Fenech once again continues to push the boundaries in his latest comedy that’s rude, crude and colourful to say the least.

“Paul has garnered a real cult following for his raw, anti-authoritarian comedy series and Housos is another great example of him at his best.”