‘Scarygirl’ (Trailer)


Based on the graphic novel, toy, and game brand created by Nathan Jurevicius, Richard Cussó and Tania Vincent’s animated fantasy feature Scarygirl follows the free-spirited and cheerful Arkie (Jillian Nguyen), who lives with her octopus father, Blister (Rob Collins) on a flourishing, isolated peninsular.

Together they help regenerate plant life using their magical tentacles. That is until space bandits invade and kidnap Blister so an evil scientist, Doctor Maybee, can use his powers to sap the planet’s lifeforce and discover the key to immortality. To save her father and the destruction of her planet, Arkie must overcome her fears and journey to the fantastical City of Light.

The voice cast also includes Tim Minchin, Remy Hii, Deborah Mailman, Liv Hewson, Mark Coles Smith, Dylan Alcott, Anna Torv, and Sam Neill.

Jurevicius served as creator and production designer on a team that also includes executive producer John Stevenson, producer Sophie Byrne, director Ricard Cussó, and co-director Tania Vincent, as well as Like A Photon creative producers, Kristen Souvlis, Nadine Bates, and Ryan Greaves, with animation production services coming from Brisbane-based Cosmic Dino Studio.

Eclectik Vision’s Brett Thornquest and Steven Matusko were co-producers and Alceon Entertainment Partners were financers. CAA Media Finance is representing the North American domestic sale.

Scarygirl will be released in Australian cinemas on October 26 via Madman Entertainment.