The Spierig brothers have completed preliminary filming in Bolivia for their next feature film, Jungle, which is expected to roll into full production later this year.

The brothers, who directed last year’s vampire sci-fi Daybreakers, spent a week in La Paz with cinematographer Ben Nott ACS filming the annual Gran Poder Festival. Jungle is based on the true story of adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg, who survived a 20-day ordeal lost in the Amazon jungle.

Producer Chris Brown said the team shot approximately three-an-a-half hours of footage.

“In the movie there’s a carnival against which part of the first act takes place,” Brown said. “We tightened our belts and we went and shot it.”

The chaotic festival has a religious, carnival feel with dancing, music and colourful costumes.

It is understood that the production is close to locking in full financing and casting is about to begin.

In April, Screen Australia announced development funding for the film. Michael and Peter Spierig and Justin Monjo are writing the script, which is also being directed by the brothers. Emile Sherman is producing alongside Brown.

The production is expected to return to Bolivia with a main unit to complete filming.

It is not known what the current status is of the Spierig's last project, Power of the Dark Crystal. In May 2010, Omnilab Media and The Jim Henson Company announced that the brothers would direct the 3D fantasy sequel to 1982 classic, The Dark Crystal.

Omnilab's plans for a feature film sequel to Tomorrow, When the War Began have been put in doubt after the action film failed to capture an overseas audience. The media company's next big feature film, Killer Elite, will be released in September.

The Spierig's last film, Daybreakers, grossed $US51.4 million around the world, according to Box Office Mojo.

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  1. I’m assuming the excert, “It is now known what the current status is of the Spierig’s last project, Power of the Dark Crystal”, features a typo. Where “now” should read “not”.

    I’m getting frustrated with this, next to no news on the power of the dark crystal, and a trail of films to come out of Omnilab Media that would typically suggest “Power of the Dark Crystal has been put on the back-burner.

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