‘The Disposables’ (Trailer)

Vertical series The Disposables, produced by Photoplay Films in association with Dragonet Films, will premiere on ABC ME next year, as well as a 30 x two-minute for TikTok.

A mysterious sickness is sweeping through Western Sydney and showing no signs of slowing down. A terrifying creature prowls the suburbs at night. The cries of the immigrants and blue-collar workers who call it home are being ignored and panic is building. The whole place feels like a powder keg waiting to explode.

But outspoken, 16-year-old, social justice warrior and aspiring rapper, Priya (Sumi Gunaratnam), has her own problems. Between the jingoistic rhetoric of Immigration Minister and local MP Bruce Carter, authorities who treat her as an undesirable, a seemingly indifferent Australian community, and the question mark hanging over her Temporary Protection Visa renewal, the strange goings-on in her neighbourhood are the least of her worries.

The creative team includes writer, director and producer Renny Wijeyamohan, writer/director Sonia Whiteman, writers Keir Wilkins and Saman Shad and producer Karen Radzyner.

Major production investment comes via Screen Australia and ABC in association with Screen NSW. The executive producer for the ABC is Margaret Ross.