Umbrella boards Luke Sparke’s ‘Scurry’ as the horror heads into post-production

Jamie Costa and Emalia in 'Scurry'.

Umbrella Entertainment will release Luke Sparke’s Scurry in Australia and New Zealand next year, with the Gold Coast-shot horror now in post-production.

Filmed at Sparke Studios across August and September, the story picks up with a city under attack by a monstrous threat. Two strangers — a family man with everything to live for and a criminal with nothing to lose — find themselves trapped below ground during the chaos. Badly injured and with limited resources, they must navigate a treacherous, narrowing tunnel in hopes of finding an exit before they bleed out.

Jamie Costa, who also appears in Sparke’s newly released thriller Bring Him to Me, and singer Emalia, soon to be seen in Helium/Paramount ANZ’s upcoming series Paper Dolls, star opposite each other in the film, which was penned by Tom Evans.

Sparke produces alongside Carmel Imrie and Carly Sparke, and executive produces with Clay Epstein and Geoff Imrie, while Alex Becconsall is co-producer.

Carly Sparke said what set the film apart was its ability to delve into horror elements within a claustrophobic setting.

“Tom’s script jumped off the page and it’s been amazing to bring together a tightknit crew to shoot this film in a very unique way,” she said.

“It’s fully immersive being in these tunnels and the camera never cutting – it was a challenge to film for sure.

Film Mode Entertainment is handling worldwide sales rights for Scurry, which has been taken to the American Film Market.

Umbrella Entertainment general manager Ari Harrison said Sparke had “raised the bar” with the film.

“Umbrella is very excited to add the highly original, edge-of-your-seat thriller Scurry to our slate and hope this collaboration results in a longstanding relationship with Luke and his team,” he said.