Deluxe Teams set the Standard for Accessibility Services

What is the secret to Accessibility services? If you guessed the talented teams behind the scenes, you are right. Who thinks about every angle of a service? The team of people who come together so that audiences of all abilities can be immersed in movies, TV and content we all love. 

Not all languages are spoken or share the same linguistic structures, but they can be equally powerful and transformative. At Deluxe, we believe that language should not have limitations and should always serve the unilateral purpose of manifesting expression and communication to all individuals. 

Deluxe Accessibility is committed to making genuine content accessible to all audiences through specialized offerings across audio description, closed captions, subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing, and sign language services to support blind and low vision communities.

Each accessibility service is backed by passionate teams dedicated to every detail. How? through continuous collaboration and a steadfast commitment to local presence.

The collaboration of those with a shared mission is of utmost importance. Deluxe Accessibility teams engage in ongoing collaboration with clients, production teams, as well as community representatives and experts. It’s vital to unite perspectives not only at the inception or conclusion of a project but throughout every phase, from script development, creative guidelines, casting principles, and recording aesthetics to considerations of tone, style, editorial choices, and beyond. This seamless collaboration at each stage is integral to the creation of a premier accessibility service and workflow.

Furthermore, it is crucial to give careful regard to regional nuances. Having a local team adds an additional dimension of authenticity. The importance of a local presence lies in the fact that every language and communication style is deeply rooted in the specific geographic context of an audience. Deluxe’s local teams are unwaveringly committed to their exacting attention to detail, encompassing regional grammar, syntax, expressions, and morphology, all aimed at guaranteeing the utmost authenticity in content consumption. Without this meticulous consideration, meaning can be forfeited, and the artistic intent can be compromised. Delivering genuine representation is a fundamental commitment of Deluxe Accessibility teams to ensure authenticity for clients’ audience members.

Ultimately, accessibility is about understanding the nuances of every type of viewer. It’s about thinking of the best approach to new workflows so that service offerings can be adopted by and large. By maintaining a continual spirit of collaboration and local dedication, we make more and more services accessible to broader audiences of all abilities. Enjoying content should be as easy as pressing play on your TV screen – for everyone.

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