‘A Savage Christmas’ (Trailer)

'A Savage Christmas'

Madeleine Dyer’s A Savage Christmas follows trans woman Davina Savage (Thea Raveneau) who, after years of estrangement, returns home for Christmas with her new boyfriend.

While she expects her transition to be the focus, it’s instead overshadowed by family secrets and lies which threaten not only their lives but another Christmas lunch.

Joining Raveneau, Max Jahufer, and Rekha Ryan in the cast are Helen Thomson, Darren Gilshenan, David Roberts, Gary Sweet, and Ryan Morgan.

Dyer wrote the script while Daniel Mulvihill and Ben McNeill are producing via their newly formed venture Roaring Entertainment.

A Savage Christmas will be released at selected cinemas around the country on Thursday, November15 via Bonsai Films.