Australian actor Callan McAuliffe, who played the young Jay Gatsby in Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby is set to headline Sanzhar Sultanov’s new film Hacker. Callan will play Alex, an extraordinary intelligent and amoral genius, who joins an underground network of hackers, identity thieves, and embezzlers.

Directed by Akan Satayev, Hacker follows the story of Alex Danyliuk (McAuliffe), a computer whiz with a criminal streak, who joins an underground network of hackers and thieves, known as DarkWeb. Unlike other hackers, Alex is a more gutsy budding con artist, traveling the world pulling bigger and bigger scores, while pursing his private obsession: the true identity of ZED, the master hacker who runs DarkWeb as his private criminal network. Principle photography is set to begin on November 28th in Toronto, Dubai, Thailand, and New York.

McAuliffe has had an incredible year and will soon be seen in the remake of the Japanese anime Kite alongside Samuel L Jackson, and the UK sci-fi Our Robot Overlords with Sir Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson set for release in 2014.


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