Channel 10 commissions miniseries Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms

Another drama series featuring one of the country’s “most heinous criminal events” has been commissioned by Channel Ten.

From the makers of Nine's Underbelly comes six-part miniseries Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms, which will focus on the leadup to the 1984 ‘Milperra Massacre’ between two rival bikie gangs.

Seven people were killed in the Father’s Day massacre, including a 14-year-old innocent female bystander.

Creatives for the Screentime production include writer/executive producer Greg Haddrick (Underbelly, Cloudstreet) and writer/series producer Roger Simpson (Satisfaction, Stingers).

“The Milperra Massacre is a unique moment in our history and in many ways marks a time when the culture of bikie gangs began a period of fundamental change,” Screentime executive producer Des Monaghan said in a statement.

Furthermore Ten’s chief programming officer David Mott said it was one of the most sought-after properties in television.

“This event mini-series will shine a light on this fascinating tribal culture and its code of honour – as intriguing now as it was when the word ‘Milperra’ became synonymous with one of our blackest days,” he said.

The miniseries, based on best-selling Sandra Harvey/Lindsay Simpson book Brothers In Arms, will be broadcast in 2012.

  1. Let’s hope this doesn’t make the bikers look like squabbling children feuding over “turf” “jealousy” and “honor” with one too many biker clichés and irrelevant subplots.

  2. Yet another show that would appear to focus on male violence and the glorification of crime. Surely there are other stories to tell.

  3. Why does Channel Ten commission new series
    when they do not show series previously
    commissioned or take them off after 3 episodes such as they have done with the award winning childrens television series , H2o Just Add Water .

    I have no confidence in the abilities of whoever is running Network Ten .

  4. Well well well, unlike the rest of the comments here I fully support the making of this mini series. if it is faxtual it is too long in comiing, bring it on.

  5. This should be funny if the teaser I saw today is any indication. Bikies – yeah right!ha ha ha – Crappy costumes/make up / C grade actors posing as tough guys – should be hilarious…oh hang on it’s a drama…

  6. Gives me the sh*ts how everyone is so neg about Australian TV and the mini series’ we create. Like it or not, our country has violent history and it’s a chance to learn about past events. Admittedly in the past some of series’ have gone maybe a season or two longet than they should have, but this is stuff we should know about! Let our talented actors have the chance to show their talents, or do we want them all to go to the U.S? It is what it is, no rule, decision, law, etc suits everyone. So give it a go and stop being such Negative Nancies!!!

  7. So looking forward to this mini series, will be good to know the full story . Loved the underbelly series
    so am hoping this will be as good if not better than that

  8. It will be interesting, if its true. The only people that knew what happened that day and leading up to it are the ones that where there. I get to sit on the couch with one of them.. so we will see.

  9. i agree with Jessica,as i will be in the same position as her on the night!Dont judge on a semi fictional TV show!A lot of peoples lives were dramatically affected that day!Will be thinking of you jess!

  10. Don’t even compare this show to others.I was 9 at the time,it happened near my house.I heard gunshots and i saw bikies walk down my street.My brother & neighbours were in that pub.I may not know why it happened,but it sure as hell did,so i will be watching with great interest.

  11. I don’t think glamourising the bikie turf wars by putting it in a mini series is appropriate at this time …are we really interested .no ..we can put our head out the window and watch the bullets whistle by in our own suburbs ….

  12. First of all the facts I use to work as cleaner at Westmead CENTRE hospital NOW nICK WAS ONE OF MY WORK BUDDIES HE WAS a practical joker one in every pack you may say now whilst at westmead we were no garbos we were garbologists the grandeur under studies of the arts of moving garbage use to talk about several things including what I THOUGHT was sick fantasy of he did not beleive it would ever come to anything the arts of conversation but asked him as he made out we would go down their with our axes and machetes have a real good time and he quoted his ambition of doing a murder getting away with it and dyeing his out look I THOUGHT JOKING THEN I asked a question WHY ? WOULD HE WANT TO DO OTHERS HARM TO MURDER SOME ONE he replied it would give him the best ultimate natural high the power of a god to take a life now I SAID THEIRS BETTER WAYS OF NATURAL HIGHS AS INSTANCE MEDITATION anyway he hooked up with Suzy SHE WAS A CLERICAL WORKER at the centre he closed off as I SENCED possesion trates did not like any one talking to her like maybe encroaching in his mind he was transferring to orderly duties as bored as anyone could be the job so boring I LEFT WESTMEAD soon after the event took place as quoted the rest is known but I THOUGHT HE WAS JOKING WHOM THING HAPPENED UNCLE pervey jokes and the rest of the stuff he use to talk about off the level some of the other staff witnessed what he quoted as ambition in life maybe they thought he was joking too when in reality one thinks part of fantasy then learns real intentions makes one wonder how many self deluded psychopaths are about with this type of fantasy ideology as I WALKED INTO ANOTHER HERE DIGGING A BUSH GRAVE FOR DISMEMBERED BODY never seen the body but the worse in states history too that date you talk of bikie wars I AM NO BIKIE do not respect some self deluded psychopaths whom hold them selves above laws of man and god they should not be glorified but should be shown how tiny minded they are in their clouded self deluded world of egotistical selfish ways that have no value on life and indeed others rights in life to comprehend their existence without pressure groups to bring fear and lawlessness to their communities the police are public servants to uphold the law for all not just for few psychopaths in any gang or group so our children will not be forced into vice circles they run by fear

  13. All these opinions, at least it will be a story and not some bashed out reality garbage that we get shoved down our throats. Glorifying violence….for heavens sake. It’s what happens in our world, go live under a cabbage leaf.

  14. Just glorification of what a bunch of losers who think they are above
    everyone and anything did. But I’ll be watching.

  15. YET ANOTHER bum series over westside WANKERS next extreme tossers in dark over coats UNDERBELLY WRITERS GETTING DESPERATE now seeking all child molesters inside stories if you got one contact mythical writers desperadoes

  16. When the story started comeing out and the promo’s were shown on the t.v. I thought no this is wrong, there were never girls running around topless, that would have been, do you think if one of the member’s would let there partner run around like that, having sex in car’s forget it untrue. I rang to try and speak to the producer’s but I was rudely given the cold showere and a voice in the background said “just tell her it’s not a true story!” I was approoached several time’s to see if I could give them information, but there we go. a bond in a good club remain’s always.40 year’s may pass but you still keep that bond even if you dont know who’s there anymore, it’s sacred. The story of snoddy was the biggest load of bull I have ever seen, you;s were guessing and desperate to make up that “shit” you couldn’t even say his name right or his birthday, and were was his wife, he married well before coming into the comanchero’s.All who knew snoddy know the truth and that is that you scum who go around digging up anything to get any reconition,for 5 minute’s, but can you imagine how the father of that poor girl, and the member’s wife’s and children felt, sleep tight tonight you got your fame but you will get your justice.

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