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Cherub Pictures’ Justin Kurzel has directed the latest installment of The Story of Bundy to be screened in-cinemas nationally from Thursday November 27. Using CGI and Time Lapse effects, The Story of Bundy is a visually heightened narrative that tracks the life cycle of distilling Bundaberg Rum, reflecting the history, tradition and quality of the product, and directly referencing the end tagline: “Bundaberg. Our rum since 1888”.

The imagery of the TVC is on an epic grand scale, where nature takes centre stage with sweeping landscapes of sugar cane fields depicted in their full life cycle. The exaggeration of majesty and scale used to depict the Rum producing process is tweaked at the end as the camera exits the splendour of the Queensland cane fields and enters a comfortable, familiar location; the local pub. Here the viewer connects with familiar faces, and of course everyone’s best mate, the Bundy Bear, all staking their claim to ‘our Rum’, with a hint of knowing unpretentious humour.

Justin Kurzel has also directed In 2 Cricket with Leo Burnett Melbourne (on-air Oct 12) and award winning music videos for The Mess Hall Pulse and Keep Walking.

To view the commercial visit www.cherubpictures.com.au

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