Cutting Edge creates storm with Holden Evolution TVC

Holden Ute ‘Evolution’ recently hit national television screens with a bang launching the new VE ute. Directed by Mark Toia from Zoom Film and Television for McCann Erickson Melbourne, the commercial takes us on an amazing journey through the transformation of Aussie Holden ute from the classic FJ through the many ears of this iconic vehicle to the new VE model.

This visual effects feast had the Cutting Edge team excited and wanting to value add from the initial brief through to the final composite. Animation and design were paramount in creating this ground breaking spot, with all six Holden Utes and each background needing to be created completely transitions to work flawlessly and help suspend belief. Four of the Utes were modelled from photographs and the VU & VE models were supplied as CAD files by Holden and seamlessly integrated.

The artistry of Mark Toia was immediately evident as he filmed the early sequences with 8mm/16mm cameras, or at least made the plates appear that way, with the film quality becoming more impressive with time. The idea of ‘evolution’ was then reflected in each car and environment transition with the visual style constantly changing to compliment the feeling of evolution throughout the duration of this creative spot.

This project is a true showcase of the Cutting Edge VFX team’s creativity and dedication to the client.

[release from Cutting Edge]

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