‘Celebrity: Dominick Dunne’: Feature Documentary Distribution Announced

Film Art Media announce today that they will be handling Australian distribution of the documentary film, Celebrity: Dominick Dunne, following its sell-out premiere screenings at the 2008 Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) and the film’s selection for the prestigious Hamptons International Film Festival and Sheffield International Documentary Festival next month.

Hollywood outcast, best-selling author and chronicler of the rich and famous, Dominick Dunne is one of the world’s leading journalists and society commentators. The 84-minute feature from directors Timothy Jolley and Kirsty de Garis, principals of Road Trip Film, features extraordinary access to Dunne’s world, including never-before-seen home video footage.

For the first time, Dominick tells his own story revealing his journey from unlikely war hero, Hollywood producer and outcast, to special correspondent and defining ‘voice’ of Vanity Fair magazine. Featuring Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter, Tina Brown, Joan Didion and New York Post gossip columnist Liz Smith as well as legendary Hollywood producer Robert Evans (The Godfather, Chinatown), the film presents a unique insight into the American psyche and it’s obsession with fame.

Sue Maslin of Film Art Media said: "We are very excited to be representing this outstanding film. It is entertaining, intelligent and seriously engages with the phenomenon of ‘celebrity’ which is at the bulls-eye of popular culture".

"Kirsty de Garis is a highly experienced journalist, and together with producer Tim Jolley, she has built a close relationship with Dominick over the past three years which has resulted in them getting below the surface to present an intensely personal film. The film release also marks the launch of distribution label, Film Art Media reflecting our commitment to doing business differently in the face of a rapidly changing screen industry landscape." she continued. "The MIFF Premiere
Film Fund and Screen Australia have been central in supporting this innovative approach to film financing and marketing".

Directors Timothy Jolley and Kirsty de Garis said: "This film is an intimate portrait of the charismatic, humorous and engaging man described by New York magazine as ‘America’s most famous journalist’. His extraordinary life provides a fascinating look at society’s obsession with celebrity yet ultimately reveals its corrosive nature."

Celebrity: Dominick Dunne commences screening on 23 October in selected quality cinemas including the Cinema Nova in Melbourne and Chauvel Cinema in Sydney. A special advance season presented in association with the Adelaide Film Festival will commence at the Mercury Cinema, Adelaide on Sunday 5th October. Marketing assistance has been provided courtesy of Screen Australia. DVD distribution of the film has been sub-licensed to KOJO Pictures.

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