Laowa launches lite version of Ranger Compact Cine Zoom series

The Ranger Lite Compact Cine Zoom series.

Laowa has introduced a lite version of its Ranger Compact Cine Zoom series.

With new magnesium alloy housing, the whole lens set is now more durable and 10 per cent lighter than the standard version.

The Ranger series offers an all-rounded zoom range and a T2.9 large aperture, making it suited for various productions that require dealing with different lighting situations, whether it be a commercial, documentary, or even a film production.

Both the lite and standard versions feature a parfocal design, allowing a focus of 49cm (1’7″) for the 28-75mm lens. The new lite version also comes with the same quick back focus adjustment mechanism as the standard version, saving lens preparation time from the cumbersome shimming process.

Laowa Ranger Compact Cine Zoom Lenses (both standard and lite versions) are currently available to purchase via Laowa Cine official website and authorised resellers.

Laowa is a brand of camera and cine lens manufacturer Anhui ChangGeng Optical Technology Company Limited, also known as Venus Optics, which is based in Hefei, Anhui.