Lucy Campbell. 

Writer, director and producer Lucy Campbell is inaugural recipient of The Bird in Hand Nest Residency, an eight-week professional development program based in LA and supported by Australians in Film (AiF), the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) and SA winery Bird in Hand.

Campbell wrote and directed online series The Big Nothing, co-produced short film Konya starring Ningali Lawford and Natasha Wanganeen, and has worked as a script editor and script co-ordinator on a wide range of productions including Wolf Creek, Upright, Pine Gap, The Hunting and Wanted.

Currently she is developing a feature film script with a US production company, supported by the SAFC, as well as a TV adaptation of The Big Nothing.

AiF and the SAFC will curate a custom-made, eight-week residency program for Campbell in LA, based at AiF’s Charlie’s, which will incorporate tailored mentoring, industry networking opportunities and access to AiF’s industry program.

Campbell is represented in the US by manager Scott Stoops through Good Fear Film and Management, and Jordan Lonner and Jed Baker at United Talent Agency.

“I’m really excited about the opportunity to develop my slate in the residency with AiF and the SAFC. It’s a great chance to develop my skills and make some contacts that I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to access – and as an emerging filmmaker, this will be an amazing opportunity to be in Hollywood and get myself and my projects in front of the right people,” she said.

AiF president Kate Marks said: “The demand for new and unique voices in the global screen industry has increased rapidly over the past few years. More than ever, the US industry is looking further afield for bold stories told authentically and AiF, working with our amazing partners at SAFC and Bird in Hand are excited to be supporting Lucy with this creative screen residency at Charlie’s.”

SAFC chief executive Courtney Gibson said: “Lucy Campbell is exactly the kind of dynamic new creative talent this initiative was designed to identify and support. The bespoke program designed for her as part of the Bird in Hand Nest Residency will provide a major shot in the arm for her developing slate and budding career in screen.”


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