New comedy web series from Tom Noakes and Matt Kamen debuts on ABC iView


National Media Release, 16th June 2014 – Corn Cobs, a dark and irreverent web series from directors Tom Noakes and Matt Kamen launched this Sunday on ABCs iView as part of the ABC and Screen Australia Fresh Blood initiative.

The 3-part web series is available for an exclusive 30 day run on the ABC iview platform before being shown on ABC2 later in the year.

The series follows the morally ambiguous misadventures of two men, Patrick and Terry as they run their Corn Cob business from a suburban shopping centre car park. Starring Justin Smith (Howzat! Kerry Packers War, Underbelly) and Dave Eastgate (Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting, The Moodys) as Patrick and Terry, the three part series charts the lengths they go to to preserve their friendship.

The series marks a first time collaboration between the two directors, who plan to collaborate on more episodes. Noakes explains, “The ideal outcome was to create a product we could develop into more episodes, or extrude into a 30-minute pilot. We’ve only seen the tip of Pat and Terry’s morally decrepit iceberg. It goes deep. Very deep.”

The comedy series is the perfect follow up to Noake’s successful Doritos Crash the Super Bowl spot, projecting his irreverent style of humour onto a longer form project.

Kamen says of the experience, “Delving into the world of these two miscreants was damn good fun, and in the process we’ve developed a tone and sensibility that we can expand into any format. All the humour derives from their bizarre relationship, so we’re bloody keen to see just how far we could push them before something breaks.”

Watch Corn Cobs now on ABC iView:
Episode 1 ‘Comb’:
Episode 2 ‘Lost Kid’:
Episode 3 ‘Hot Dog’:

Creators/Writers – Matt Kamen, Tom Noakes, Will Goodfellow
Directors – Matt Kamen, Tom Noakes
Producers – Chris Kamen, Belinda Dean
Cast – Patrick Smith, Dave Eastgate, John Brumpton, William Oakley
DOP – James Brown
Art Director – Quentin Tetz
Casting Director – Danny Long
Editor – Dan Lee
Post Production – The Editors
Music & Sound Design – Song Zu
Production Company – Cornhole Productions