Nikon introduces Z6III camera

The Nikon Z6III

Nikon has announced a new camera model to deliver high performance and exceptional specs in the full-frame mid-range class.

Incorporating the signature features of the Z9 and Z8, the Z6III adopts a partially-stacked CMOS sensor, which allows for 3.5x faster readouts than the Z6II, and allows for high-speed continuous shooting that enables Pre-Release Capture at up to 120 fps in DX format. The camera also provides an additional option of shooting at 60 fps in FX format with 24 MP.

The Z6III also comes with a bright, high-res EVF of 4000 cd/m2 and 5760k dots with a wide colour gamut, ensuring smooth EVF views to confirm shooting opportunities for moving subjects accredited to fast data readout from the partially-stacked CMOS sensor and Nikon’s EXPEED 7’s quick processing. The EVF refresh rate provides displays at 60 fps during 20 fps high-speed continuous shooting when the shutter button is fully pressed.

For high-resolution video production, the latest Nikon model allows Full HD/240p for up to 10x slow-motion video creation, offering flexibility in speed and colour grading with its ability to record in 10-bit H.265.

There is also a MB-N14 Power Battery Pack available as an optional boost of power capacity.

The camera is made of Sereebo® P series carbon fibre, magnesium alloy, and effective sealing, meaning it can be used in temperatures reaching -10 degrees Celsius.

The device is also convenient for shooting events such as weddings, live concerts, and interviews due to enhancements of the heat dissipation structure and power efficiency, which enable recording for up to 125 minutes in 4K UHD/60p (8-bit) format. Further, the Z6III provides videographers with the option to shoot videos in 12-bit ProRes RAW HQ and N-RAW formats, covering resolution up to 6K.

Adopting the same algorithm as the Zf, the Z6III expands handheld shooting opportunities in low-light situations such as indoor scenes and nightscapes. This new model is equipped with focus point VR that reduces blurring in focused areas, which suits the purpose of enlargement and trimming peripheries around your photo subject. It is also equipped with electronic VR for more effective image stabilisation during video recording.

Other features include Flexible Colour Picture Control for use with the NX Studio and compatibility with Nikon Imaging Cloud.