PJ Hogan’s Mental begins casting

The casting call for PJ Hogan’s upcoming Australian comedy Mental has hit the net.

Hosted by US casting website ActorCast, the open call is aimed exclusively at Australian citizens.

The casting is being conducted by local company Christine King Casting, which has negotiated free temporary ActorCast memberships for Australian girls to upload their video auditions. The Sydney-based casting house has previously used ActorCast (which is attached to US casting portal Cast It) on major productions such as The Pacific and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The production is searching for five young actresses (aged between 12 and 17) to play the roles of Coral, Michelle, Leanne, Kayleen and Jane, who get “a spoonful of sugar” from their new nanny, Toni Collette, in Mental. Universal Pictures has the UK, Australian and New Zealand rights to the film – a comedy loosely based on Hogan's own life.

Last year, Universal Pictures International Australasia managing director Mike Baard raved about the project, calling it "one of the most incredible scripts we’ve ever read".

Taking the lead role, Collette’s casting marks the reunion of director and star of the 1994 Australian classic Muriel’s Wedding.

Applications close on Monday, May 31, and can be made here.