In Like Flynn. 

Highlander director Russell Mulcahy has begun production on his Errol Flynn biopic, In Like Flynn, on the Gold Coast.

The film will star Thomas Cocquerel (Red Dog: True Blue) as the Tasmanian-born Flynn alongside Corey Large, William Moseley, Clive Standen (Vikings), Callan Mulvey (Zero Dark Thirty), Isabel Lucas (The Water Diviner), David Wenham (Lion) and Dan Fogler.

Described as “mythical and satirical coming of age story”, In Like Flynn will follow Flynn in his early life, as he and his friends set sail from Sydney to New Guinea in search of gold.

“What I want to bring to the screen is Flynn’s unapologetic and uninhibited desire to experience a full, adventurous and spectacular life, and reveal his deeply rooted belief in himself and an ability to survive on charisma and bravado,” said Mulcahy.

As well as starring in the film, Large will produce with James M. Vernon (Hacksaw Ridge). “It’s exciting bringing this part of Flynn’s early life to the screen, before all the fame, wealth and women,” said Large, who also wrote the screenplay with Steve Albert, Luke Flynn (Errol’s grandson) and Alexander Djamirze.

“We were fortunate in casting Thomas Cocquerel as Errol and he has captured the essence of this swashbuckling larrikin actor… combine that with getting the locations such as the rainforests of Guinea right, and we have a movie.”

Felipe A Dieppa (The Girl Who Invented Kissing) will serve as executive producer, and crew includes ACS Award winning DOP Peter Holland (Gabriel), production designer Nick McCallum (Guardians of the Tomb), and costume designer Glenn Turner (Thor: Ragnarok).

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  1. Why not cast someone who looks a little like him?
    You can’t find someone who has a big jaw?

  2. I live on the Gold Coast and have written 88 chapters, over the past two years, of an original story about my true adventures in South America. My story is unique, amazing, and I cannot find anything comparable to the events on any website. I have a film -maker in Canada expressing interest, however, I would like to see interest from someone in Australia. I note that Russell Mulcahy is filming here and, as parts of my story are similar to some of Flynn’s exploits, I would like to be able to contact him, if at all possible. As I don’t have an agent, I am unaware how to get in touch with him and hope that you may be able to help.
    My 88 chapters are posted on a private website ( – Bahia Blanca adventures – readership is as of today, 11,674 with 415 positive comments.

    Many thanks,

    Tony Sell

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