'Living with Landlubbers'.

Sweetshop & Green is set to make a foray into children’s television, with the production company to partner with Israel’s Ananey Communications and Pil Animation Studio on new series Living With Landlubbers.

The animation follows a fugitive family of five pirates who find a safe haven in San Serenity.

In order to stay safe from a Voodoo Queen who’s hunting them, the Lawless clan must fit in and lay low, suppressing their rowdiness in favour of fake smiles, yappy dogs, manicured lawns, and PTA meetings.

To be co-developed with support from The Jerusalem Film and Television Fund, the production of the 52 11-minute episodes will mostly take place in Melbourne, with small parts to be completed in Israel.

Sweetshop & Green co-managing director Gal Greenspan says the “fun and vibrant” project provides the ideal entry point into the children’s genre.

“We’re really excited to be able to bring strong international relationships with Ananey and Pil Animation to Australia,” he says.

“This is will delight kids worldwide.”

Pil Animation CEO Ofer Gazit says he is excited to see the “jewel of a show” come to life.

“The combined expertise that all three companies bring to the table is sure to result in a series that captures the hearts of kids everywhere and get them hooked to Living With Landlubbers ­- just as we are,” he says.

“We can’t wait”.

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