After a tough few years, we’d like to use IF Magazine’s last issue of 2021 to take a positive look towards the future – by shining a spotlight on new and emerging talent. 

IF is currently compiling a list of ‘Rising Stars’, from both above and below the line, to be featured in the Nov/Dec issue.

These are the names that you might not know yet, but will in the future.

They’re people who are shaking things up, telling different stories, have exciting and new creative vision, or are just putting in the hard yards!  

And in compiling this list, we want your help.

We’d love to hear your suggestions regarding up-and-coming talent – be they writers, actors, editors, composers, production designers, directors, producers, costume designers, etc – that the industry should sit up and take notice of, and why.

The hope is the IF Rising Stars list will hint at the future of the Australian industry.

Send your suggestions to before COB October 27.

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