BVI buys UK/Irish rights to A Few Best Men

Four months after being released in Australia, Buena Vista International has bought UK and Irish rights to director Stephan Elliot’s comedy A Few Best.

The film grossed $5.3 million for Icon after being released on Australia Day in this country; it will be in cinemas in the UK and Ireland in late August.

The Australian/UK co-production opens with the dopey young men at the heart of the film arriving in Australia from the UK.

It has already opened in Italy – a sheep walked the red carpet at the Rome Film Festival – Iceland and Vietnam, where it has been in the top five films for a month according to sales agent Arclight Films.

It will open in Russia, Argentina, Georgia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Singapore, Lithuania, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Poland in coming months.

From before cameras rolled, the film was billed as being from “the writers and producers of Death At A Funeral”: it was written by Dean Craig and produced by Share Stallings and Laurence Malkin – alongside Australia’s Antonia Barnard and Arclight principal Gary Hamilton.

Among the Australian stars are Xavier Samuel playing a groom-to-be, Olivia Newton John as the bride’s mother and Rebel Wilson as the bride’s sister.