‘Erotic Stories’ (Trailer)

'Erotic Stories'

SBS anthology drama Erotic Stories explores sex and intimacy with a cast of characters not typically written as a sexual lead on Australian screens; be it queer, gender-diverse, living with disability, middle-aged and/or people of colour.

The eight-part drama stars Frances O’Connor, Mark Coles Smith, Kate Box, Tim Draxl, Danielle Cormack, Alex FitzAlan, Rärriwuy Hick, and Catherine McClement.

The scripts are written by Sarah Walker, Marieke Hardy, Adrian Chiarella, Alistair Baldwin, Jean Tong, Tamara Asmar, Sara Khan and Christine Bartlett.

Lingo Pictures’ Helen Bowden is the producer with Liam Heyen and Jason Stephens executive producers.

Director Madeleine Gottlieb makes her long-form debut on the series, with Leticia Cáceres also directing.

The heads of department include cinematographers Tania Lambert, Drew English, and Kate Cornish; production designer Fiona Donovan; costume designer Roma D’Arrietta; editors Christine Cheung and Ariel Shaw; and intimacy coordinators Caroline Kaspar, Chloe Dallimore and Amy Cater.

Erotic Stories premieres Thursday, October 26, with all episodes available to stream on SBS On Demand, and double episodes to air at 9:30pm on SBS each Thursday.