Cheeky Little’s short-form animated series Ginger & the Vegesaurs premieres on ABC Kids and ABC iview Monday, May 23 at 8.25am.

Created by Gary Eck and Nick O’Sullivan the 20 x 5 minute episodes are set in a world where the juiciest and freshest creatures ever rule the planet.

Pre-school audiences follow Ginger, a young Tricarrotops and her baby Pea-Rex buddies Minty, Wasabi and Split.   

With fun at its core, the series explores themes like mealtimes, sharing, friendship, nurturing and play.   

A new episode will roll out 7 days, with an additional 5 episodes available on ABC iview following the premiere.  

Executive producers include Patrick Egerton, David Webster, Gary Eck and Nick O’Sullivan, with Libbie Doherty and Jan Stradling from the ABC.

Production funding comes via from Screen Australia, while the series was developed and produced in association with ABC, and with the assistance of Screen NSW. Produced and distributed in association with Studio100.

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