‘It’s Fine, I’m Fine’ (Trailer)

Ana Maria Belo in 'It’s Fine, I’m Fine'.

It’s Fine, I’m Fine (Trailer One) from PHOTOPLAY on Vimeo.

It’s Fine, I’m Fine follows a suburban Australian psychologist and the ups and downs of her patients as they explore love, loss, anxiety, obsession, and the uncertain future ahead. It celebrates the mess and melancholy of life with elements of unexpected magical realism.

Proudly putting new voices front and centre, the series explores mental health and the human condition through characters representing the deaf, disability, LGBTQ+, and Black Pasifika communities, among others.

Created and director Stef Smith produces alongside Clare Delaney, Florence Tourbier, and Iain Crittenden for Photoplay Films, with eight distinct stories written by Ana Maria Belo, Anna Lindner, Arky Michael, Cecilia Morrow, Chris Burton, Jeanette Cronin, Michael Gupta, Nick Coyle, Smith, and Wendy Mocke.

Belo, a prominent Australian actress who also happens to be deaf stars in the leading role of therapist Joanne. Bunton, Morrow, Michael, and Mocke also star, alongside Heather Mitchell, Eryn Jean Norvill, Andrew McFarlane, Cat Van Davies, comedian Suren Jayemanne, and newcomers Margaret Pittas, Sam Greenless, and Edan Chapman.

Photoplay Films’ Oliver Lawrence executive produces alongside Gracie Otto and Annette Davey.

It’s Fine, I’m Fine will air weekly on NITV from Monday, October 10, and be available to stream free on SBS On Demand.