SBS brings the new season of Fargo

SBS continues its reputation for offering the world’s best dramas by delivering the highly anticipated new season of Fargo to Australian audiences.

Following the multiple Golden Globe® and Emmy® award winning success of the first season last year, Fargo season 2 is a 10-part season once again helmed by writer/producer Noah Hawley and executive producers Joel and Ethan Coen.

This time around, a brand new all-star cast will take us back to the tumultuous late 1970s for a fresh mystery imbued with Fargo’s trademark dark intrigue, zany characters and black humour.

Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring; Insidious) plays Lou Solverson, a young State Trooper recently back in Fargo from Vietnam who investigates a case involving a local crime gang, a major Mob syndicate, a small town beautician Peggy Blumquist (Kirsten Dunst) and her husband “Ed” (Jesse Plemons – Friday Night Lights; Breaking Bad).

Helping Lou piece the mystery together is his father-in-law, Sheriff Hank Larsson, played by Ted Danson. The investigation leads them to a colourful cast of characters including Korean War vet and lawyer Karl Weathers (comedic genius Nick Offerman – Parks and Recreation), crime syndicate leader Joe Bulo (three-time Emmy® winner Brad Garrett – Everybody Loves Raymond), the Gerhardt crime family featuring matriarch Floyd Gerhardt (TV royalty Jean Smart), Rye Gerhardt” (Kieran Culkin – Scott Pilgrim vs The World) and Bear Gerhardt (Australia’s Angus Sampson – The Mule; Mad Max: Fury Road) who is an intimidatingly large, inarticulate man, and the most decent of his criminal clan.

The cast is rounded out by an impressive ensemble cast including Cristin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother), Bokeem Woodbine (Ray; Riddick), and inimitable cult actor Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead trilogy) as Ronald Reagan.

Fargo season 2 is a standalone series, meaning you don’t have to see season 1 before delving into this darkly comic world.

To celebrate the new episodes, SBS will encore the entire first season over Saturday 10 October and Saturday 17 October from 10.30pm. SBS will also celebrate the genius of Fargo’s original creators the Coen brothers with a season of some of their most beloved films airing on Saturday nights throughout November, beginning Saturday 7 November at 8.30pm with True Grit.

The  new season premieres with the first two episodes at 8.30pm, Wednesday 21 October on SBS, followed by the rest of the series 9.30pm weekly from Wednesday 28 October.